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BlueThermalPattern.JPG (2299499 bytes)
Bluestone Thermal Pattern 

BlueThermalPattern2.jpg (1419884 bytes)
Bluestone Thermal Pattern

bs patio.jpg (38666 bytes)
Patio with
Blue Bluestone Flagging & Walls with Brown Westchester Veneer

BlueThermalTread.JPG (2332731 bytes)
Bluestone Thermal Tread
BlueThermalTread2.JPG (2046325 bytes)
Bluestone Thermal Tread

telemark bluestone table.JPG (58184 bytes)
Bluestone Table top & Bluestone Flooring in Sun Room
(Job done by Telemark Construction, Hamptons, NY)

BSIrregular.jpg (68988 bytes)
Irregular Bluestone:
Available in Thermal Blue-Blue,
Mixed Color, & Lilac
ThermalMixedColorFlagging.JPG (2392157 bytes)
Thermal Mixed Color Flagging

NYFlagging.jpg (1628665 bytes)
NY Flagging
ThermalMixedColorTread.jpg (1003035 bytes)
Thermal Mixed Color Tread
NYFlagging2.JPG (2240962 bytes)
NY Flagging

Mixed Color Bluestone Patio
Mixed Color Bluestone Patio


Tumbled Bluestone Walkway
Tumbled Bluestone Walkway

Rockfaced Bluestone Step Treads Rockfaced Bluestone 6" Step Treads

Patio & BBQ Top Made With NY Lilac Patio & BBQ Top Made With NY Lilac Bluestone


Tennessee Crab OrchardTennessee Crab Orchard

CO sills_02[1].jpg (47933 bytes)
Crab Orchard Sills
COhearths_mantles_01[1].jpg (52715 bytes)
Crab Orchard Mantles
CO Tread.jpg (1201836 bytes)
Crab Orchard Tread
CO capstone_01[1].jpg (37464 bytes)
Crab Orchard Caps

cofloor.jpg (25786 bytes)
Crab Orchard Flooring with Mountain Laurel Wall
COIrreg.jpg (1886003 bytes)
Crab Orchard Irregular

Crab Orchard Sawed Flooring
Crab Orchard Sawed Flooring

coirr4[1].jpg (20136 bytes)
Crab Orchard Irregular


ws1.jpg (62163 bytes)
northwall2.jpg (35476 bytes)

Westchester Veneer

Westchester1.JPG (534398 bytes)
Westchester Veneer
on Pallets
Westchester2.jpg (183797 bytes)
Westchester Veneer Roughly Squared/Roughly Rectangular
Westchester3.jpg (554434 bytes)
Westchester Veneer
-also available in Bulk


Cobbles1.jpg (225457 bytes)
Available in:
Regular: 9"x5"x5"
Jumbo: 10"x7"x4"
Pavers: 13"x6"x3"
*other colors & sizes available
Cobbles2.jpg (132086 bytes)
Cobblestone Lined Walkway
Cobblestone Lined Walkway

Vermont Marble

vermont.jpg (54685 bytes)
Vermont Marble siding with a Bluestone walkway


mt laurel1.jpg (36112 bytes)
Mt Laurel Veneer Fireplace
mt_laurel2.JPG (26085 bytes)
Mt. Laurel Wallstone
mt_laurel_1.JPG (28940 bytes)
Mt. Laurel Wallstone
South Bay1.jpg (2187746 bytes)
South Bay Flagging
South Bay2.jpg (2345092 bytes)
South Bay Flagging

South Bay Step Slabs
   South BayStep Slabs
southbayquartzitelarge[1].jpg (18221 bytes)
South Bay Quartzite Veneer
SouthBayFlagging.jpg (34421 bytes)
South Bay Flagging Patio
Around a Pool


52DD Mods
53DDMods.jpg (23710 bytes)
53DD Mods

Danish Mods

We are distributors of Glen-Gery Brick.  Deliveries can be arranged for full trailor loads only.  
Please visit their website at http://www.glengery.com to view all of their products.

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